Pi Day – Pie Eating Contest

Hey Mill Rats fans! We had such a great time recently at Corner Coffee Shoppe, for our first ever Pi Day – Pie Eating Contest! How much apple pie could you eat in three minutes?! It’s not as easy as it sounds, especially when they cannot use your hands!

But our brave pie connoisseurs dove in face first, and spent 180 seconds face down, in some delicious apple pie. And they ate their hearts out! But this was serious competition, and a competition isn’t fair or balanced without proper officiating. So we want to thank our stellar umpire crew for making sure this was all on the up and up. We had the honor of welcoming Cambria County Commissioner, Tom Chernisky, and the owner of Corner Coffee Shoppe, John Riccilli, in as our Celebrity Umpires!

And they called a great matchup that was eventually won by Johnstown’s own Janpaul Villa! In 3 minutes, Janpaul ate almost an entire pie, leaving nothing left but some of the crust at the bottom! Congratulations Janpaul!!

A big thank you to the terrific team over at Corner Coffee Shoppe, which has been an awesome Johnstown establishment since the 1960’s, serving up great meals for more than five decades! And who doesn’t love breakfast all day long? If you haven’t been by in a while, they are ready to serve the Greater Johnstown Community.
It was a fun event and a great way to connect to Mill Rats fan! Be on the lookout for more fun events, opportunities to meet the Mill Rats staff, and connect to Johnstown’s newest sports team. Let’s dig in, Johnstown!