Mill Rats Host Jingle Contest

The Johnstown Mill Rats are looking for a sound and we want you, our musically talented fans, to be a part of it! We’re looking for a fan written and performed jingle to use across our promotions and at the ballpark next summer!

What is a jingle?

A jingle is a short verse, slogan, or tune crafted to be easily remembered. We’re looking for something memorable and catchy that will make our name and mission stand out.

How do I enter?

Well it’s simple really. You will send the lyrics & recording to us ( Assuming the jingle is family friendly and fits our theme you’ll be entered to win.

How do I win?

-You must perform at The Stadium Pub & Grille in Johnstown on October 20, 6-8pm.

-Invite your family and friends to join our Mill Rats staff to cheer on and promote your jingle.

Winning Requirements:

The winning jingle will be judged on originality, effective messaging, and adherence to the below rules and requirements. The jingle becomes the property of the Johnstown Mill Rats with credit given to the originator.

The Rules:

-The jingle must be original in sound and content.

-Make sure to mention Johnstown Mill Rats in the jingle.

-Include baseball words & phrases.

-Jingle must be 30 seconds or less.

What do I win?

You become the sound of the Mill Rats! Of course there are prizes in it for you. A Mill Rats swag pack, complete with shirts, hats, and collectables for you and your family. In addition you get to perform the jingle on field at a Mill Rats game next summer, with tickets for all your family & friends to come watch.

Have some fun with it!

Please email to get registered and with any questions. Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages regularly for updates. Stop in to Stadium Pub & Grille for a flyer for more info. We hope to see you all there on October 20th at 6pm!

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