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The Mill Rats are looking for individuals who seek to further their academic and professional careers in sports. An internship with the Mill Rats will present the opportunity to learn how a small baseball organization operates through experience in a variety of different departments. Internships are available for both the Spring and Summer semesters and are available to only to students who are receiving college credit.

  • Ticket Sales
  • Marketing
  • Facility Operations
  • Game Presentation
  • Graphic Design
  • And More!

To apply for an internship with the Mill Rats, click the button below. If you have any additional questions email Phoebe Bowers (

Statements from past interns:

Jack Thomas, Penn State University | Johnstown, PA | Summer 2022 Intern

“Being a part of the Rat Pack was definitely special considering I made a ton of amazing friends while gaining experience building a franchise from the ground up. Being a local meant more as I kept hearing how much of a difference we, as interns, made making guests have memorable nights at The Point!”

Nate Arendas, Saint Vincent College Alum | Greensburg, PA | Summer 2022 Intern

Nate currently works as the Athletics Director for Saint Vincent College!

“As a first internship, I couldn’t be happier with my summer spent with the Rats. Being an equipment manager, I got to work closely with the players and coaches and I loved the experience and friendships I’ve made in Johnstown.”

Zach Vought, Indiana University of Pennsylvania Alum | Homer City, PA | Summer 2022 Intern

Zach currently works as the Executive Assistant to the Provost and VP of Enrollment Management at Point Park University!

“My experience interning with the Mill Rats was one of the most exciting opportunities I’ve ever had! Not only did I get to make some true connections and friendships within the sports industry, but I was also able to showcase my talents and passion for sports in creative media. Every day I learned something new and learned how baseball teams run, inside and out. I highly recommend the Mill Rats for anyone looking to start their career in sports. You won’t regret it!”

Phoebe Bowers, Robert Morris University Alum | Pittsburgh, PA | Summer 2022 / Pre-season 2023 Intern

Phoebe was hired as the Mill Rats’ Marketing Manager following the conclusion of her internships with the team!

“My experience as a Rats intern was incredible. I was an intern two separate times, once during the season and for four months during the team’s offseason. I was able to work directly with the team’s general manager during both of my internships, providing me with experience you simply won’t get anywhere else. I was able to garner experience in every aspect of running a baseball team; I worked on-field during games, ran the scoreboard, captured picture and video during games, created graphics for the scoreboard and the team’s social media, and so much more. If you’re looking to enter the sports industry, interning for the Mill Rats is a great place to start!”

Zach Markley, Point Park University Alum | Johnstown, PA | Summer 2022 Intern

“Being a huge baseball fan born in the city of Johnstown, interning for the Johnstown Mill Rats was an amazing opportunity for me. I got to make new, amazing friendships that will last a lifetime not only with my fellow interns but with many of the players and coaches as well. However, the most rewarding part of the internship was being able to see and hear about the positive impact we have had on the community and all the Mill Rats fans across the country.”

Hayden Thompson, Juniata College Alum | Johnstown, PA | Summer 2023 On-Field Host

Hayden currently works as a digital reporter for WTAJ!

“Through announcing for the Mill Rats, I was able to grow my public speaking skills, meet amazing new people, and make wonderful friends. Throughout the summer, I was challenged creatively and professionally, constantly encouraged by the wonderful team behind the Mill Rats. Roll Rats!”

Zoe Ott, PennWest Clarion | Washington, D.C. | Summer 2023 Intern

“During my time with the Mill Rats, I acquired many skills that I will carry with me through the rest of my career. Some of those skills include teamwork, time management, and problem-solving. On top of that, I gained a wide variety of knowledge in many fields from pre-season office work to game-day presentation. Office days consisted of making sales calls, delivering tickets to sponsors, creating graphics, and organizing game-day scripts. Once games started, me and other interns were responsible for many things such as running the soundboard or video board, being that game director, or being part of the on-field crew. It was so rewarding to see how involved fans became throughout the season and how much fun everyone was having at games, including the interns. I couldn’t recommend this internship enough if you want a career in the sports industry.”

Zack Page, Robert Morris University | Johnstown, PA | Summer 2023 Intern

“I felt that there was no better way to expose myself to the sports world than my time as an intern for the Mill Rats. Not only did I gain countless skills in every aspect of the organization, I also built relationships that I will never forget. Whether it was as simple as hanging up advertisements around the stadium or dealing with the craziness of game day, I found myself always finding things to learn more about. While my time with the Mill Rats was short, it will be something I will see benefits from for my entire life.”

Sam Paratore, Point Park University | Johnstown, PA | Summer 2022 / Summer 2023 Intern

“The Johnstown Mill Rats just seemed like a perfect match for this hometown baseball fan. I had the privilege of being able to work two summers with this team, in 2022 and just recently in 2023, and both seasons were experiences I will never forget. Both years I got to work alongside some amazing people I now get to call my friends and taught me skills I can carry on to wherever my professional career may take me next. In 2022 I got to be a part of a group of interns that made huge strides forward in terms of our in-gane presentation, social media (especially the addition of the TikTok), and saw a big increase in game attendance. I also got to learn a lot about the ins and outs of running different areas from box office, on-field, press box, merchandise, and more as we rotated through different positions all season. In 2023 I got to focus more on press box related duties as Press Box Director and watch as my fellow interns continued the progress we had made the year before. This team and everyone I got to work with during both seasons will always hold a special place in my heart and I’m excited to be able to take the skills I learned here to progress my professional career moving forward. It also fills me with pride to not only see baseball starting to thrive once again in my hometown  but that I got to play a big part in that too.”

Bryce Boring, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Alum | Johnstown, PA | Summer 2022 Intern

Bryce currently works as a graphic designer for The Tribune Democrat!

“Throughout my time with the organization, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the world of collegiate baseball and contribute to various aspects of team operations. From the first day, I was greeted into a passionate environment that endorsed both personal and professional growth. While attending UPJ, this experience with the Mill Rats allowed me to gain valuable insights into the inner workings of a sports organization from ticket sales to graphic design to game-day operations. I was extremely fortunate to collaborate with dedicated professionals and fellow interns who generously shared their knowledge and expertise. My time consisted of participating in tasks that assisted the general manager to coordinating game day events which contributed to the team and the fans, as well as assisting with marketing initiatives. These responsibilities provided me with a well-rounded perspective of the sports world, enhancing my skill set to take further strides in the industry. I am beyond excited to carry forward the lessons I learned and the relationships I gained into my future endeavors, and I am confident that the insights I gained will continue to shape my professional journey.”

Lauren Farkas, Point Park University | Johnstown, PA | Summer 2023 Intern

Lauren currently works in security operations for Acrisure Stadium!

“Interning for the Johnstown Mill Rats was an amazing experience that significantly impacted both my personal and professional growth. Immersed in the world of sports management, I was able to gain valuable knowledge within the operations of a baseball team and was able to form meaningful connections with like-minded individuals that I would now consider to be some of my best friends. Collaborating with a dedicated team of professionals allowed me to refine my organizational and communication skills, providing practical insights into the sports industry. This internship not only fueled my passion for sports but also helped me improve my professional skills in game day presentation, marketing, sales, and so much more. I highly recommend this opportunity to anyone interested in entering the sports field, as the Johnstown Mill Rats internship offers a fantastic environment for
learning, building friendships, and professional development.”